FFRF Gets 10 Commandments Statue Removed from City Property

FFRF Gets 10 Commandments Statue Removed from City Property December 4, 2018

The Freedom From Religion Foundation quickly resolved a situation in Dover, Ohio, where a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity scene were on public property. The mayor removed them to avoid a lawsuit and said that he knew they were legally problematic, but they’d been there so long he didn’t expect anyone would complain.

“We have freedom of religion and they’re saying that we’re endorsing one religion,” said Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen.

In a January letter, a Wisconsin based group — the Freedom from Religion Foundation– wrote the Dover mayor, stating an area resident reported about the displays including a large “Latin”cross.

“Yeah, they have a point, but it’s been that way for eons so just leave us alone,” said the mayor…

“Twenty-seven years been mayor, nothing like this has ever happened,” said the mayor. “Never imagined it would happen.”

Gee, sorry to disappoint you. This began because a local resident felt the display made him a second-class citizen by endorsing a religion, something the government has no business doing. And that resident is right. If the city wants to make it a public forum where anyone can put up such displays, that’s fine. But they cannot put up displays that endorse religion in general, and especially not one particular religion.

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