Shame on CNN for Putting the ‘Food Babe’ on TV

Shame on CNN for Putting the ‘Food Babe’ on TV December 4, 2018

CNN brought on the “Food Babe,” a completely unqualified pseudo-science pushing scam artist, on to talk about the E. coli breakout. Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow was too busy steaming her vagina to come on. Why they didn’t bring on, ya know, a scientist with actual qualifications is a mystery.

The Food and Drug Administration’s urgent warning about a romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak left many Americans wondering how the problem spread so quickly and what they could do to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, viewers who tuned into a Sunday CNN segment on the crisis—which featured a blogger who bills herself as Food Babe, instead of a scientist or doctor—got the wrong answers.

Anchor Ana Cabrera kicked things off by describing self-appointed food investigator Vani Hari as someone who has “studied where our food comes from quite a bit” before asking how the outbreak happened.

She might as well have the used the internet-famous “she’s done her research.” CNN does this kind of thing a lot, as do other networks. They could have brought on any of hundreds of actual scientists who have done actual research — in a lab, not on Google — on E. coli outbreaks, but they chose instead someone who looks and sounds good on TV but offers nothing but uninformed answers. This is the woman who has said in the past that you should never eat food that contains chemicals. Pro-tip: Everything contains chemicals.

This is an epidemic on TV, where that fraud Dr. Oz makes a fortune with his own show, where he miseducates Americans on a daily basis about a raft of subjects and pushes scam medical products, fad diets and useless supplements. And there are reports that Gwyneth Paltrow, a good actress but an absolute moron who sells all manner of chakra-aligning nonsense through her company, Goop, is going to be getting her own show. That will provide her with a huge platform to sell useless and even dangerous crap masquerading as a health care product. This kind of thing really needs to stop, but as long as people like this bring in viewers and boost ratings, it won’t.

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