Crokin: Bush 41 Was Executed as Part of the Pedophile Roundup

Crokin: Bush 41 Was Executed as Part of the Pedophile Roundup December 6, 2018

Being a crackpot conspiracy theorist requires one to incorporate absolutely everything into your pet theory. Nothing can be a coincidence, everything is interpreted as proof that their pet conspiracy is just on the verge of coming true. Such is the case with Liz Crokin, who says Bush 41 was executed and it’s because the Q Anon pedophile roundup is finally beginning.

On Sunday, Crokin reported that a key moment in this unfolding plan would occur when U.S. Attorney John Huber, who has been “tasked with looking into Republican claims of FBI misconduct and whether more should have been done to investigate Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear agency,” testified before a House committee this week.

“The hearing that goes down this week,” she said, “there is a very good chance that the crimes against children will be exposed and the floodgates will break open. I don’t know for sure. I’m praying that will be the case, but whether it happens on [December] 5th or in a week or three weeks, it’s happening.”

“It’s no coincidence that George [Bush] Sr. died,” she added. “By the way, he didn’t die, he was executed. He was executed. So the tide has turned, you guys. The Q movement is unstoppable.”

“The writing is on the wall,” Crokin proclaimed. “Nothing is going to stop these arrests from happening. Nothing. And this is going to be a big week. The world is about to change.”

Aaaaany minute now, just you wait and see. And then wait some more. We’ll always be right on the verge of this happening and it will never happen. Because it’s one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories anyone has ever come up with. How long can that game continue? Forever. Her audience is not capable of thinking rationally.

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