Dobbs: Global Warming is a UN Plot to Take Over the World

Dobbs: Global Warming is a UN Plot to Take Over the World December 6, 2018

I wish these anti-science right-wing crackpots would get their conspiracies straight. Donald Trump says that global warming is a Chinese hoax designed to destroy the American economy. But one of his loyal slaveboys, Lou Dobbs, says it’s a United Nations plot to take over the world.

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Well, you know, that, and the fact that, actually, the United Nations really wants to go a little bit beyond being a — a — if you will, a debate club. They’d like to take over the world.

HURT: Sure.

DOBBS: — and they see the perfect opportunity in global warming. If they really believed that they need to reform, to transform our global geopolitical systems, our national governments, and to come up with something, let’s say, run by the United Nations.

What an idea, all because of global warming, and despite the fact that there is great, great debate over whether there is that quote-unquote “warming.”

Funny how virtually all of the debate over global warming is coming from anti-science people funded by the companies that profit from fossil fuels. Among scientists in relevant fields of study, it’s virtually unanimous. And how exactly does he think the UN is going to take over the world when we have total veto power over everything the UN does through our permanent vote on the security council? The UN was designed explicitly not to work and not to impinge on the prerogatives of the most powerful nations. Any world takeover plot involving the UN is the product of ignorance and paranoia. So shocking to hear it on Fox News.

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