Trump: My Approval Would Be 75% if Not for Mueller

Trump: My Approval Would Be 75% if Not for Mueller December 7, 2018

Donald Trump took his narcissism out for a walk again on Twitter, declaring that if not for the “phony” Mueller investigation, his approval ratings would be at 75%. Then he cited a clearly outlying Rasmussen poll showing him at 50%, which is the only one that puts him anywhere near that level of support.

Pure, distilled Trumpism. Everything he does is so overwhelmingly amazing that everyone would recognize not if not for some dark conspiracy against him. Never mind that he didn’t get anywhere near that in the election. He only got 46.1% support from voters (the ones that bothered voting). And his actual approval rating is nowhere near 50% now. The average of all the approval tracking polls, and this includes Rasmussen, which tilts strongly Republican, figured in, is 42.1%. The notion that someone with his controversial policies — forget scandal, just look at some of the wildly unpopular policies he’s been pushing — would be at 75% if nothing short of laughable.

But Trump lives in Trumpworld, where reality is whatever he declares it to be at any moment. And what does he declare it to be? Whatever fits either his immediate interests or the needs of his insatiable ego. Always.

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