Wingnut: Trump Won Popular Vote but Illegal Alien Voters Stole It

Wingnut: Trump Won Popular Vote but Illegal Alien Voters Stole It December 7, 2018

David Jolly — not the moderate former Republican Congressman from Florida but the columnist for BarbWire — writes that Donald Trump really did win the popular vote in 2016, but millions of undocumented immigrants cast illegal votes to steal it away from him, and that’s how Democrats plan to win in 2020 too.

The only reason Democrats work so hard to allow illegal and ungrateful aliens into the US is for their votes, legal or illegal.

That’s the real reason they are also against deporting the millions of illegal aliens already in the United States.

Don’t forget that there were reports of as many as 3 million votes were cast in 2016 by non-citizens, most of which were illegals.

Sadly, Democrats and RINOs blocked President Trump’s effort to investigate the claim of so many illegal votes, which if were proven, means that Trump DID win the popular vote in addition to the Electoral vote, making him the clear winner.

Democrats need the thousands of caravan migrants to cast their illegal votes in 2020 in order to defeat Trump and gain control of America.

Gotta love that slippery wording that “there were reports.” No, there was a claim made by Trump but he never offered a shred of evidence for it. And he then convened a commission to study it and they folded up before finding any evidence to support that claim (and it had nothing to do with Democrats and RINOs). Then the leader of that commission, Kris Kobach, went to court and had to prove that those millions of votes took place. He couldn’t document more than a handful that were the result of clerical errors. That case went so badly that he ended up being sanctioned and fined by the court.

But evidence doesn’t really matter to these people. They want it to be true, they need it to be true to support their narrative, so through some transitive property it magically becomes true merely because they declare it to be. And that settles it, in their flabby minds.

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