Now the Khashoggi Murder is an Anti-Trump Plot

Now the Khashoggi Murder is an Anti-Trump Plot December 9, 2018

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, the old saying goes. And when all you have is jumble of irrational conspiracy theories, everything that happens is automatically part of those conspiracies. Crackpot Dave Janda manages to find a way to make the Khashoggi murder into a plot to bring down Donald Trump.

“When you boil it all down,” Janda said, “it was a big set-up, actually, and I think the goal by the globalist syndicate that was behind this was for Khashoggi to die, for the media that the globalists own to be spinning, spinning, spinning their propaganda Wurlitzer and, in the process, to get enough pressure on Trump so that he would back away from Saudi Arabia.”

Janda claimed that “globalists” inside the Saudi government would then use Trump’s decision as justification to “ditch the petrodollar,” which would tank the global economy while making it look like Trump was at fault.

“I believe they were counting on getting things so riled up with their puppets around the world, screaming that this is the worst thing that ever happened in the world,” he said, “and Trump would be pushed into sanctioning Saudi Arabia, which would then, I believe, lead to them saying, ‘OK, you’re going to sanction us? Guess what? We’re pulling the petrodollar,’ which would pull the rug out financially. And this is so people would point the finger at Trump as being the cause of the financial calamities that ensued.”

When you blame everything on your boogeyman — Soros, the Koch brothers, “globalists” or whatever — then you just filter everything through that. No evidence is ever needed to justify such claims because the existence of the boogeyman, which is beyond all doubt in the minds of the conspiracy nuts, is all one needs to justify it. When bad things happen, the dark, shadowy bad guy(s) you think responsible for all bad things is, by definition, responsible for that bad thing as well. It’s like an impenetrable cocoon that blocks out all reason.

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