Trump Gets Absolutely Everything Wrong in a Single Tweet

Trump Gets Absolutely Everything Wrong in a Single Tweet December 9, 2018

As always, Trump is showing his total disregard of facts on Twitter. In a bizarre tweet repeating his theme that Europe should spend more on their own defense, but should not form their own military alliance that would necessitate doing exactly that, he got absolutely everything wrong.

Um. Donald…do you think there was such a thing as a European military in World War I and II? Who do you think was fighting in those wars? One European country against several others (and the United States, once we entered both wars). Does he think we beat Europe in those wars, for crying out loud? The man’s ignorance simply knows no bounds.

And no, the United States does not spend 4.3% of GDP to defend Europe, that is the total of all the military spending we do every year. Does he think our troops in South Korea are there to defend Europe? Does he think we went to war in Afghanistan to defend Europe? You’d think that if he favors Europe paying more for their own defense, he’d be in favor of them forming their own joint military alliance. But he doesn’t. Why? Because he views this as a protection racket, consistent with his view of the president as a mafia boss. You pay us and we’ll protect you. This isn’t speculation, he’s said it over and over again.

It is absolutely an embarrassment to have a president this ignorant and irrational in office.

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