Carlson and MacDonald: Feminists Out to Destroy Civilization!

Carlson and MacDonald: Feminists Out to Destroy Civilization! December 10, 2018

Tucker Carlson isn’t just worrying his empty little head over “white genocide,” he’s also gravely concerned that feminists — not real ones, of course, but the straw feminists that exist in their heads — are trying to eliminate men entirely and destroy civilization. He and Heather MacDonald waxed stupid over this ridiculous dystopic fantasy:

HEATHER MAC DONALD: Feminism has ambitions to take over civilization and when that happens you can say goodbye to civilization. They’re trying to disappear males.

Feminism is really at odds with the civilizational legacy that we have inherited, that we have to preserve at all costs.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Can I ask you a really simple, quick question? Why would a group — any group — want to poison the relationship between men and women, which is the building block of everything that is good in the world?

MAC DONALD: Because they would rather hate. They are self-interested, they have no understanding of the future. They have no understanding of the values and virtues that make civilization possible, and they are simply seizing power, and are in a manic rage to efface males.

And this sounds hyperbolic, Tucker, but you look around at institution after institution that has been taken over by feminists and the absurd diatribes that are launched against males, and that’s the only conclusion you can reach.

CARLSON: Well, you know, maybe 5 years ago it was thought, “You know that Heather Mac Donald? Nice, kind of a hot-head” — now, I think you are absolutely right, and I think you are really brave for saying it as clearly as you do, and I’m grateful that you did tonight.

Is there some school somewhere that teaches wingnuts how to construct straw men (or women, in this case) and respond hysterically to the non-existent boogeyman they just created in their heads? It would seem so to me. I’m reminded of Al Franken’s joke about Rush Limbaugh’s similar fear-mongering about feminists: “I had been one of those twenty million a while back, listening to him spew about “feminazis” and their “women-as-victim” ideas. Limbaugh was railing about how feminists believe that all heterosexual sex is rape, which, I admit, is a belief that’s very hard to defend. The thing is, though, I know a lot of women, almost all of whom consider themselves feminists, and I know only one who actually holds this belief. And we’ve been married nearly twenty years.”

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