Fox and Friends Flips Out Over the ‘War on Christmas’

Fox and Friends Flips Out Over the ‘War on Christmas’ December 10, 2018

Fox News and the Christian right do love their fake persecution stories, which they always get exactly backwards. Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on television, brings on right-wing radio host to blather incoherently about the non-existent War on Christmas in reaction to a display by the Satanic Temple at the Illinois state capitol. He begins by asking “Is political correctness taking over the Christmas season,” showing just how empty and meaningless that phrase is.

MIKE SLATER (HOST, THE MIKE SLATER SHOW): You know, Steve, with this story in particular, I used to get really outraged by this, but right now I’m just — I feel sad. I feel sad for them. They’re so deceived. I think this is a sign of how prosperous we are here in America, where these people don’t think they need God, and they get their kicks out of mocking God. They get their kicks out of mocking this religion and mocking Christmas in general. But I’ll tell you, it’s not going to affect my walk with God. It’s not going to affect what happens inside my house. It’s not going to affect what I teach my kids and the Bible. So I just feel sad for these people. A friend of mine just got back — two days ago, got back from a Middle Eastern country and he had to go to underground churches where they had one Bible and truly, if they got caught, they would be killed. So, people over there aren’t worshiping Satan openly, so it’s a shame that Americans here are abusing the freedoms here when they could be worshiping God.

That is as incoherent and self-refuting a screed as you will ever hear outside of a Donald Trump tweet. He tacks on this totally unrelated story about Christians being persecuted in the Middle East, as if that has anything at all to do with whether the Satanic Temple can or cannot put up a display on public property like any other religious group can. He laments the fact that Christians must practice underground in some countries, then applauds the fact that people don’t worship Satan openly in those same countries (pro-tip: the Satanic Temple doesn’t worship Satan either; in fact, they don’t even believe in such a being).

You know why Christians are persecuted in the Middle East? Because they don’t have separation of church and state to protect against it. Islam is predominant and, in most countries of the Middle East, the official and exclusive religion of the state. The very same separation of church and state that protects the right of the Satanic Temple to openly go about their business is the same principle that would protect against the persecution of Christians and — ironically — the principle that Christians like Slater wants to eliminate so that his religion can dominate and oppress.

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