WaPo Has to Create Whole New Category of Lying for Trump

WaPo Has to Create Whole New Category of Lying for Trump December 11, 2018

Donald Trump is so relentlessly dishonest that the Washington Post, which has tracked every lie he has told since he’s been in office, has had to invent a whole new category for them. This category, which it calls “Bottomless Pinocchios,” is for lies he has repeated at least 20 times despite being shown to be a lie time and time again.

The Fact Checker has evaluated false statements President Trump has made repeatedly and analyzed how often he reiterates them. The claims included here – which we’re calling “Bottomless Pinocchios” – are limited to ones that he has repeated 20 times and were rated as Three or Four Pinocchios by the Fact Checker.

For instance, his lie that the tax cut he signed was the biggest in history is one he has told 123 times.

Even before President Trump’s tax cut was crafted, he promised it would be the biggest in U.S. history – bigger than Ronald Reagan’s 1981 tax cut. Reagan’s tax cut amounted to 2.9 percent of the gross domestic product and none of the proposals under consideration came close to that level. Yet Trump persisted in this fiction even when the tax cut was eventually crafted to be the equivalent of 0.9 percent of GDP, making it the eighth largest tax cut in 100 years. This continues to be an all-purpose applause line in the president’s rallies.

And if it gets applause, that’s the only thing that matters to him. He’ll keep repeating it forever and ever because he’s absolutely obsessed with claiming that everything he does is the biggest, the greatest, most stupendous, yuuuuuuuuuuugest thing in the history of the universe. And because he simply doesn’t care whether it’s true or not, only whether it’s useful to him at the moment. Similarly, his lies about trade deficits have been told 117 times. And on and on and on.

Yes, all politicians are dishonest, but this is one place where Trump’s claim to be the greatest is actually true. He’s the most shameless liar we have ever seen in politics. He makes Richard Nixon look like George Washington and his famous (and mythical) “I cannot tell a lie.” Trump cannot tell the truth.

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