Trump AG Nominee is a Christian Theocrat

Trump AG Nominee is a Christian Theocrat December 12, 2018

Multiple reports say that Trump is going to nominate William Barr to be the next Attorney General, a post he also held during the first Bush administration. His association with Bush 41 makes people think he’s a Republican moderate, but his own writings show that he is a Christian theocrat who wants the government to enforce “God’s eternal law.”

But in a 1995 essay, Barr expressed an extreme view that American government should not be secular, but instead should impose “a transcendent moral order with objective standards of right and wrong that… flows from God’s eternal law.”

Barr went on to blame everything from crime to sexually transmitted diseases on a government-led attack on “traditional values.” He explicitly called for the government to subsidize Catholic religious education and to promote laws which “restrain sexual immorality,” a reference to homosexuality and extramarital sex…

“The American government,” he wrote, “was predicated precisely on [the] Judeo-Christian system” that “flows from God’s eternal law.” But since the 1960s, Barr wrote, “the state no longer sees itself as a moral institution, but a secular one.”

Specifically, Barr continued, “through legislative action, litigation, or judicial interpretation, secularists continually seek to eliminate laws that reflect’ traditional moral norms. Decades ago, we saw the barriers to divorce eliminated. Twenty years ago, we saw the laws against abortion swept away. Today, we are seeing the constant chipping away at laws designed to restrain sexual immorality, obscenity, or euthanasia.”

That alone should disqualify him from being AG, but it won’t because most Republicans agree with him. And that’s terrifying. Those “moral laws” have long been used to oppress and discriminate against women, blacks, gay people and many others. They are the theological basis for religious tyranny and should be opposed completely and firmly.

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