McInnes: White Supremacy So Rare it Barely Exists

McInnes: White Supremacy So Rare it Barely Exists December 13, 2018

Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys who has clear ties to white supremacists himself and who recently lost his last social media platform that matters, told ABC in an interview that white supremacy is so rare that it might as well be non-existent. That must be a beautiful bubble to live in.

PAULA FARIS (ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Do you think white supremacy exists in the U.S.?

GAVIN MCINNES: Not to any measurable degree.

FARIS: What about Richard Spencer? What about David Duke? What —

MCINNES: Everyone always says those two.

FARIS: The KKK. And the KKK.

MCINNES: Everyone says those two guys and the KKK, let’s get them all together. You’re lucky if they fill up a living room.

But those men have sizable followings. It would take an awfully big living room to contain all of them, plus the white supremacist militias who are out in the woods training for what they view as the inevitably coming “race war.” For crying out loud, McInnes’ own attorney is a white supremacist. And he has written for white surpremacists sites like VDARE and American Renaissance. For him to claim that it’s virtually non-existent means he is either a baldfaced liar or utterly delusional.

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