Trump Says Military Will Build Border Wall if Democrats Refuse to Fund It

Trump Says Military Will Build Border Wall if Democrats Refuse to Fund It December 13, 2018

Showing once again that he has no idea how the government works or what authority he has and doesn’t have, Trump said this week that if the Democrats won’t agree to fund a border wall — you know, the one he said Mexico was going to pay for — he’ll just have the military build it.

President Donald Trump sought Tuesday to pressure Democratic congressional leaders into supporting his demand for billions of dollars to build his promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, threatening to have the military build it “if Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country.”

Trump tweeted the threat hours before Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi were to meet with Trump at the White House in an effort to avert a possible partial government shutdown on Dec. 21, when funding for some agencies is scheduled to expire.

Uh, Donald…it doesn’t matter who builds it, it’s going to cost billions and billions of dollars and that money has to be appropriate. The military is not your personal work crew.

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