Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare

Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare December 15, 2018

In highly unsettling news for me, a federal judge in Texas has struck down Obamacare as unconstitutional, ruling that the mandate to buy insurance cannot be severed from the rest of the bill. That ruling will likely be stayed pending appeal, but it’s still terrifying to someone like me.

A federal judge in Texas struck down on Friday the entire Affordable Care Act on the grounds that its mandate requiring people to buy health insurance is unconstitutional and the rest of the law cannot stand without it.

The ruling was on a lawsuit filed this year by a group of Republican governors and state attorneys general. A group of intervening states led by Democrats promised to appeal the decision, which will most likely not have any immediate effect. But it will almost certainly make its way to the Supreme Court, threatening the survival of the landmark health law and, with it, health coverage for millions of Americans, protections for people with pre-existing conditions and much more.

In his ruling on Friday, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court in Fort Worth said that the individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance “can no longer be sustained as an exercise of Congress’s tax power.”

I don’t expect this ruling to stand because the Supreme Court already ruled on it, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the liberals on the court to uphold it. But there’s a chance and that terrifies me. I will literally be dead without it. And I’m sure the “pro-life” people are thrilled about this. In my next life, I’ll just stay a fetus. Then maybe those hypocrites will give a damn about me.

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