Nothing Associated with Trump Has Anything To Do with Trump

Nothing Associated with Trump Has Anything To Do with Trump December 16, 2018

When asked about the ProPublica and Wall Street Journal investigations that show some serious fraud going on with the Trump inaugural committee and the Trump hotel in DC (the hotel charged the committee $700,000 for a ballroom for three days), Sarah Huckabee Sanders took the typical Trump line of “this has nothing to do with me.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is denying that President Donald Trump had any knowledge of possible malfeasance by his inaugural committee, which is reportedly under investigation for misusing funds.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with the president or the first lady,” Sanders told reporters Thursday evening outside the White House regarding the investigation. “The biggest thing the president did, his engagement in the inauguration, was to come here and raise his hand and take the oath of office. The president was focused on the transition during that time and not on any of the planning for the inauguration.”

Isn’t it amazing how nothing that goes on within organizations he controls has anything to do with him? Trump University? Total fraud, ruled so by a court. Not Trump’s fault, of course, even though it was his own statements found to be fraudulent. His attorney paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep women quiet about affairs? Has nothing to do with him! Cohen acted on his own! The Trump Organization’s many ties with the Russian mafia, Middle Eastern dictators and long track record of stiffing contractors? What does that have to do with Trump? The Trump Foundation illegally using donated funds to pay off corporate debts? Trump didn’t do it!

The man is simply incapable of ever taking responsibility for anything. Everything he thinks is good that happens within his businesses and other organizations is all to his credit; anything bad that happens is obviously someone else’s fault.

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