Giuliani’s Amusing Weekend of TV Appearances

Giuliani’s Amusing Weekend of TV Appearances December 17, 2018

The legal trouble for Donald Trump just keeps getting worse, so naturally they sent out babbling old fool Rudy Giuliani to defend him on several weekend news shows. On ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos brought up Michael Cohen’s claim under oath that Trump knew about the payouts to former mistresses and directed him to do it. And suddenly Rudy became an epistemic relativist:

“[Cohen] is saying the president knew it was wrong and directed him to do it anyway,” ABC host George Stephanopoulos told Giuliani on Sunday.

“Which is the truth?” Giuliani quipped, denying Cohen’s statements to federal prosecutors. “I think i know what the truth is. Unless you’re god, you’ll never know what the truth is.”

Well we might as well just fold up the entire criminal justice system, right Rudy? We can’t look at evidence or interview witnesses to get at the truth, he’s arguing, only God knows the truth. So prosecutors, you can go home now. Judges, your services are no longer needed. Trial by jury? Only God can judge what is true and what is not, according to Rudy. Everyone he ever put in prison as a prosecutor now has to be freed if we are to take this idiotic argument seriously. But he knows it’s not a serious argument. He’s being paid to give the best defense he can of Trump. The fact that this is the best defense he has to offer tells you just how bad Trump’s defense actually is.

Then on Fox News, he was asked by Chris Wallace about Bob Mueller wanted a face-to-face interview with Trump and he responded, “Over my dead body.” I don’t think he realizes that’s an argument for an interview, not against it. Mueller, issue that subpoena, if you haven’t already. We’ve got a bonus coming if you force him to do an interview.

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