Hannity’s Ridiculous Claim About Flynn Guilty Plea

Hannity’s Ridiculous Claim About Flynn Guilty Plea December 17, 2018

Everyone should know by now that partisan hack Sean Hannity would say absolutely anything as long as it helped Donald Trump, and deny reality to the ends of the earth if the truth is bad for Trump. But his excuses for Michael Flynn lying to the FBI are as ridiculous as anything you’ll read all week.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Remember, Obama recommended to Donald Trump that he not take on General Flynn. So they targeted him. That might explain the illegal surveillance without minimization, unmasking, and leaking of raw intelligence that put the General in this position in the first place

Then it goes on in this Mueller response today: “That finally, the interviewing agents did not observe any indication of deception and had the impression at the time that the defendant was not lying or didn’t think he was lying, see Strozk 302. At 4, members of the presidential transition team were likewise misled by the defendant’s false denials. Those misimpressions do not change the fact that the defendant has admitted in sworn testimony to this district court–”

Well, because that was the plea deal. Doesn’t mean he believes he’s lying, means it was the plea deal that he took, probably because he just couldn’t afford any more lawyers.

Yeah, he swore under oath that he was lying, but that doesn’t mean he was lying. And you may go outside and see that the sky is blue, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually blue. If Trump says it’s purple with pink polka dots, then by God, it’s purple with pink polka dots. False confessions actually do happen, of course, but almost always because the defendant can’t afford competent legal representation and is being threatened with a massive sentence if they lose in court. None of that is the case here. Flynn is a wealthy white man with full resources to hire very good attorneys to represent him.

He admitted to lying because the FBI has transcripts and recordings of the conversations with Russian officials during the transition. The FBI records every single conversation that Russian officials have with anyone in this country, if they can. Flynn knows this, of course, because he ran an intelligence agency. He told them he hadn’t had any such conversations anyway, which means he was lying. The fact that the FBI discovered this while Obama was still in office does not change that reality one iota. It doesn’t mean Obama “targeted him.” Obama had nothing to do with the investigation, which was launched by the FBI’s counter-intelligence unit because that’s their job.

And isn’t it funny how never in history has Hannity ever suggested that intercepting the communications of Russian officials in the United States was “illegal surveillance.” Indeed, if a Democrat had ever suggested such a thing, he would have called them an anti-American commie who wanted America to be undermined from within. But when it turns out that Trump and those around him were caught repeatedly having such conversations, including direct discussions of a quid pro quo and wanting to set up secret backchannels that would evade our own intelligence services, suddenly this is a horrible thing, “illegal surveillance” and a plot to destroy Hannity’s hero. No thinking person could possibly take Hannity seriously. Which explains why he’s on Fox News.

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