McCarthy’s Conveniently Wrong Ideas About the FBI and Flynn

McCarthy’s Conveniently Wrong Ideas About the FBI and Flynn December 17, 2018

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor with a long track record of being wrong on virtually everything, gets one thing right in this National Review column: He admits that Michael Flynn did lie to the FBI, contrary to some of the ridiculous conspiracies theories floating around the wingnutosphere. But he starts with this egregiously inane claim:

At the outset, let’s get two things straight:

First, there is something deeply disturbing about the Obama administration’s decision to open a counterintelligence investigation on retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn while he was working on the Trump campaign — and, ultimately, about the Justice Department and the FBI’s decision to dispatch two agents to interview Flynn at the White House, in a highly irregular manner, on Flynn’s third day as national security advisor.

Second, Flynn nevertheless lied to the agents.

So what does he propose the FBI should have done with Michael Flynn if not what they did? Remember, Flynn was caught on a routine counter-intelligence wiretap not only having discussions with Russian officials, but specifically having discussions about how Trump could lift the sanctions on them. Once they knew that was going on, what were they to do? They had no choice but to open an investigation and go ask him about it. And then he lied about it, which opens him up to being easily blackmailed by the Russians because that is a felony.

What were they to do then? McCarthy seems to think that just because he was on the Trump campaign and transition team, he should not have been investigated or questions. And his focus on the fact that it was his third day as national security advisor means…what, exactly? That they should have waited? When you have someone in that kind of position of influence and you know they’ve lied not only to you but to his superiors as well, opening him up to being compromised, were they supposed to just sit on that information? They went to Trump’s White House Counsel and told him about it and they blew it off completely.

Exactly what does he think the FBI and the DOJ should have done differently here? And would he think the same thing if it was a Democratic administration coming into office rather than a Republican one? I bet he would.

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