Trump Threatens to Sue Saturday Night Live

Trump Threatens to Sue Saturday Night Live December 17, 2018

Trump threw another temper tantrum over being made fun of on Saturday Night Live and sent out a totally unhinged tweet about how unfairly he’s treated, now it can’t be legal and that it should be tested in court. Uh, Donald…it has been tested in court. And you’d lose, badly and immediately. As you should.

You see Donald, there’s this pesky little thing called the First Amendment. And never are its protections higher and more impenetrable than when the president is being criticized or ridiculed. It doesn’t matter whether it bothers you or not, you do not have the power to stop it, nor should you have it. You’re just showing your authoritarian views yet again.

Now here’s the punchline to the entire thing. On CNN, Trump sycophant David Urban actually said of Trump, “I’m sure the president knows that people say bad things about him. He’s got pretty thick skin.” And w’re back in that alternate universe that the Trump people live in, where up is down, black is white and Trump has a thick skin. I’ve never seen a human being with thinner skin than Trump, for crying out loud.

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