Rudy: It’s Okay if Trump Lies If He’s Not Under Oath

Rudy: It’s Okay if Trump Lies If He’s Not Under Oath December 18, 2018

Here’s one part of the exchange between Rudy Giuliani and George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that I forgot to mention. He actually had the chutzpah to claim that Michael Cohen’s stories about the payoffs to former mistresses had changed multiple times. When Stephanopoulous pointed out that Trump’s had too, Rudy said that’s okay because he wasn’t under oath.

GIULIANI: … Oh, he — I have a client and I’m fiercely loyal to him, and I tape him, and I hide it and I don’t tell him? That’s not fiercely loyal. That’s called fiercely disloyal. He’s the opposite. It shows all I’m thinking about is me, my own skin. And the Southern District says you can get out of jail if you do this, you’ve got three years now. There’s a real motivation to sing like crazy. He’s got to do a lot of singing to get out of the three years and he will say whatever he has to say. He’s changed his story four or five times.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So has the president.

GIULIANI: The president’s not under oath.

Neither was Cohen, until the final one. And why isn’t Trump under oath? Because Rudy says Trump will testify for Mueller only “over my dead body.” Why? Because he knows Trump would be asked about his own ever-changing story on the subject and he knows that Trump would try to lie his way out of it and get caught perjuring himself. But this is easily fixed, Rudy. If the distinction is that Trump isn’t under oath, let’s put him before the grand jury, swear him in and put him under oath and see what he has to say.

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