Dobbs Wants War with China Over IP Theft

Dobbs Wants War with China Over IP Theft December 26, 2018

Theft of intellectual property by China is a serious problem. Illegally copied movies and music are everywhere there and easy to procure. But only a bloodthirsty ghoul with no regard for human life would suggest going to war over it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present bloodthirsty ghoul Lou Dobbs.

LOU DOBBS (HOST): The Obama administration felt we had to have a little agreement about the fact — please, China, don’t steal from us, this would offend our sensibilities. Hell, we should — I can’t understand why we wouldn’t go to war over this kind of monstrous theft.

I don’t frankly understand this. Absent casualties, and that is killed and wounded, this is no different than Pearl Harbor. I mean, we are watching the destruction of hundreds of thousands, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars every year.

We’ll find out if we get their attention, because this is, without question, war. It may be a cold war, it may ultimately be confrontation, but it’s a war, and nobody should mistake that.

At that point, exactly, did Dobbs completely lose his mind? Upon signing the contract with Fox News? Or was he always this way, even when he was on CNN and seemed relatively mainstream? I don’t know the answer to that. But the man has simply lost it. Start a war with a major nuclear power over copied DVDs? Okay, but you lead the invasion, Lou. We’ll watch the result on a bootlegged video.

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