Brian Brown: Jesus, Mary and Joseph the Model for the ‘Natural Family’

Brian Brown: Jesus, Mary and Joseph the Model for the ‘Natural Family’ December 27, 2018

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage sometimes just cracks me up, especially in his fundraising letters. He turns his usual shrillness up to 11 when he’s begging for money. In his latest, he declares that George Soros is out to destroy the “natural family,” which is of course based on the “Holy family” of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

As we approach the Christmas holiday and then the end of the year, it’s a time to reflect on the great gift that God gave us – the natural family, one modeled on the Holy Family. Some two millennia ago, a mother, father and baby huddled in a manger, in the company of animals and a choir of angels, as wise men followed a star to pay homage to them, and evil men conspired to destroy them.

The family was under heavy attack even then, as it is today. Please help IOF build a worldwide movement that brings together wise men and women, and wards off evil ones who wish to destroy the family…

George Soros has been hard at work for a very long time trying to remake societies in his leftist image. His vision is a world without borders where the family is deconstructed and replaced by the state and where universal institutions – such as marriage, parenthood and the complementariness of the sexes – are replaced by political policies unmoored from history, tradition or reality itself.

So the “natural family” is apparently one in which an alleged virgin mother claims to have been impregnated by God and the “father” somehow accepts that excuse rather than the obvious conclusion, which is that she had sex with someone else and got knocked up. And Soros is personally trying to destroy the baby Jesus. But if you send money to Brian Brown, who couldn’t prevent same-sex marriage from being made legal nationwide despite all the money sent to him before, he’ll stop the evil Soros and defeat the devil himself. Yeah, that’s reasonable.

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