Look at All the False Prophets of 2018

Look at All the False Prophets of 2018 December 27, 2018

Right Wing Watch has a rundown of some of the failed predictions and prophecies from far-right and Christian soothsayers in 2018, many of whom I’ve written about previously. But nice to have them all in one place. Like the ubiquitous predictions that Trump was about to start the Q Anon roundup of all those pedophile Democrats:

Mark Taylor predicted that the arrests would take place in February.

In August, right-wing radio host Dave Janda stated that these arrests would take place once the primary elections were over.

In September, Janda predicted that the fact that Trump had issued a National Preparedness Month proclamation was a sign that the arrests would soon begin.

Then Janda boldly declared that “October is going to be big, really big. Hold on.”

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin asserted that the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh would be the “final nail in the coffin” and that mass arrests would begin at any moment…

Always just about to happen. And always a new excuse when they don’t. Being a wingnut means never, ever admitting to being wrong. Then there are the ones who got really specific, like our old pal Rick Wiles, who declared in July that a coup would take place within 72 hours and liberals would march the Trump family out of the White House and behead them.

“We’re about 72 hours—possibly 72 hours—from a coup,” Wiles warned. “Be prepared that you’re going to turn on the television and see helicopters hovering over the roof of the White House with men clad in black repelling down ropes, entering into the White House. Be prepared for a shootout in the White House as Secret Service agents shoot commandos coming in to arrest President Trump. That is how close we are to a revolution. Be prepared for a mob— a leftist mob—to tear down the gates, the fence at the White House and to go into the White House and to drag him out with his family and decapitate them on the lawn of the White House.”

Oh Rick, we were so prepared for that. And then it didn’t happen. Did you admit to being wrong? Of course not. You never do that. Just like all your previous predictions about Christians being thrown in concentration camps and slaughtered never came true. And when they don’t happen, you just move on to the next ridiculous and false prediction as if the past just magically erases itself. I really do wonder what it must be like going through life being this unhinged and irrational.

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