Ginni Thomas: Unhinged Conspiracy Nut

Ginni Thomas: Unhinged Conspiracy Nut December 28, 2018

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has long made her career as a conservative activist. And as the right has become the far right, she has become increasingly unhinged along with so many others, relentlessly pushing conspiracy theories that would be embarrassing to any rational person.

This month, Ginni Thomas shared a Facebook post that bizarrely described California as a war zone, with illegal immigrants scaling walls and carjacking U.S. citizens. Last month, she shared a post alleging that Democrats committed voter fraud in four midterm races. (Which ones? How? She didn’t say.) Then there was the post in August (since deleted) proclaiming that teenage survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting are “dangerous to the survival of our nation” because of their gun-control activism. And the post in February that harangued Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for supposedly wiretapping Donald Trump — a baseless accusation indulged only by conspiracy theorists.

Does it matter that the spouse of a Supreme Court justice is sharing such nakedly partisan, erroneous propaganda? Or have we hit the point at which this kind of rhetoric has been so normalized that, well, why wouldn’t a prominent party activist be doing this?

And therein lies the problem. In any other time, this kind of thing would stick out like a sore thumb and get her universally recognized as a crackpot; in the Trumpian age, it makes her pretty much a mainstream Republican. The Overton window hasn’t just shifted to the right, it’s gone completely off the deep end into conspiracy fantasy land, from Q Anon to Pizzagate to Seth Rich being murdered by Hillary Clinton. Any of those would have been laughable not so long ago, but now spewing that sort of idiocy gets you a seat at the table in the wingnutosphere.

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