Trump Again Threatens to Do What He Can’t Do

Trump Again Threatens to Do What He Can’t Do December 29, 2018

Donald Trump always shows either his ignorance, his screaming desire to be a dictator, or both, when he gets frustrated. He does this often by threatening to do things he has no authority to do. The latest example is over immigration, of course, where he is threatening to “close the southern border entirely” if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall.

Uh, Donald…you can’t do that. I doubt you even have the first clue what that means. You can’t close off the border to those with a legal right to be here, like American citizens or foreigners with green cards or other legal statuses that grant them the right to be in the country. You can’t close off the borders to those seeking asylum, as several courts have now ruled in the last few weeks, because that right is guaranteed by federal law. You certainly can’t close it down to trade, and if you did you’d have the corporate world in revolt and would do enormous damage to American workers.

But we have agreements on trade with Mexico that allows goods to move across the border, so you couldn’t do that even if you wanted to. The only exception is in cases of national security, but you can no longer claim that because you just told the entire world that your reason for doing so is to gain political leverage to get what you want. So this is like meta-stupidity. Peel the onion back, another layer of stupid.

And then another threat he can’t carry out:

Nope, can’t do that either. Foreign aid is appropriated by Congress, not given at the whim of the president. So again, you’re either completely ignorant of the limitations on your authority as president, or you simply don’t care about them and are mindlessly blustering and waving your imaginary sword around as if you could use it. How did we get to this point, for crying out loud?

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