Conway: Any Polls We Don’t Like are Fake

Conway: Any Polls We Don’t Like are Fake January 10, 2019

Baghdad Kellyanne Conway, who became a major player in the Republican party as a pollster, went on Fox News after Trump’s address from the Oval Office and warned people to ignore any polls that show that his speech didn’t move the needle. Polls that didn’t exist yet are obviously fake if they show what Trump doesn’t want them to show.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Conway insisted that Trump’s speech had made a major impact and had convinced Americans of the real need to fund the president’s proposed border wall.

All the same, Conway cautioned Fox viewers to not pay attention to any polls that may come out in the coming days showing low support for building the wall.

“I know there will be some phony-baloney polling questions… to show that it didn’t move the needle, America’s against the wall, etc.,” Conway said. “So what the way [these] polling questions are formed.”

Those polls that don’t exist yet are all fake news! But only if the results don’t match what we want to be true! This is pure distilled Trumpism — to hell with facts and data, reality is whatever we declare it to be right this moment. This isn’t a serious argument, it’s inane propaganda.

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