The Fox News Tail Wags Trump’s Shutdown Dog

The Fox News Tail Wags Trump’s Shutdown Dog January 10, 2019

The Daily Beast is reporting that Trump has been getting advice on how to proceed with the fight over the border wall from none other than Sean Hannity and the utterly unhinged Lou Dobbs, both from Fox News. They have told him, of course, to hold firm and not give in on funding for the wall, no matter how long the government is shut down.

In the days before his Oval Office address on Tuesday night, Donald Trump leaned on a number of advisers on how to navigate the government shutdown he’d waged over funding for his border wall. The list included immigration hardliners Fox News host Sean Hannity and Fox Business star Lou Dobbs, both of whom, according to two sources familiar with the conversations, had a clear message for the president: push forward for the wall funding and break the Democrats’ will…

In a statement through a Fox News spokesperson, Hannity said he does not discuss potential private conversations with friends or sources, and would only consider questions if The Daily Beast revealed its sources.

Oh Sean. You have to love how he claims to have journalist integrity that won’t allow him to reveal his sources, while demanding that the real journalists at the Daily Beast revealed theirs. Have we ever seen anything like this before, with major media figures acting as direct advisers to a president? If this was Obama consulting with Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper, Hannity’s head would explode in outrage. He’s never been one to even attempt to be consistent or coherent, he’s purely a partisan hack. And Dobbs is just plain cuckoo for cocoa puffs. These are the men advising Trump.

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