Trump’s Ignorant Threat to Cut Off FEMA Funds from California

Trump’s Ignorant Threat to Cut Off FEMA Funds from California January 10, 2019

Donald Trump continued his cavalcade of ignorance and pettiness by tweeting out that he had ordered FEMA to cut off funds to deal with the aftermath of the massive wildfires in California. Why? Because “proper forrest (sic) management” would prevent wildfires. His inane tweet:

He’s made this idiotic claim before and been informed that 98% of the forests in California are managed by the federal government, not the state of California. So if there’s mismanagement going on, it’s at the federal level. But he doesn’t care. This is about being childish and vindictive toward a state he despises because it’s full of people who oppose him. People like, oh I don’t know, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is just him being a first class jerk, but it will have real consequences for the victims of the wildfires. But again, he doesn’t care. He’s just throwing another infantile tantrum.

“FEMA individual assistance is a real lifeline for people in their greatest time of need,” [former director of public affairs for FEMA] Lemaitre said, “and to use the plight of survivors to push your political agenda is draconian.”

No, not draconian. Vile. Disgusting. Repulsive. In other words: Trump.

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