Jesse Lee Peterson = Clayton Bigsby

Jesse Lee Peterson = Clayton Bigsby January 11, 2019

Dave Chappelle’s legendary sketch about a white supremacist who is black, but is blind and doesn’t know it, has come to life before our very eyes in the person of Jesse Lee Peterson. He has gone on another white supremacist podcast to support their position that white people should be in charge of everything. Seriously.

Gariépy and Peterson agreed with the claim that non-white people immigrating into the U.S. is making it harder for white people to live in America, prompting Peterson to assert that the United States needs “to close the back door and the front door in this country and in Europe and clean up the mess and if you decide you want to let people of color in again, maybe you can be real selective—like they did in the good old days—about who you let it.”

“White people need to get married and have a truckload of white children and teach them on the right way to go so they can help save America and Europe because it’s not going to be saved by the people of color and will be destroyed,” Peterson said.

And then…I swear, I’m not making this up:

“The good white folks are going to go to moon or somewhere else and they’re going to create another country, so I’m saving up my money so when white people build a spaceship and go out into space and build another country, I’m going to go with them and I’m going to be first to buy some of the land because I know the land is going to go up really fast,” Peterson said. “But unless white people take over, it’s over for America.”

Flabbergasting, isn’t it? What is there to say about a black man who supports white supremacy? Stockholm syndrome? Internalized racism? Just plain crackpottery? Religious delusion?

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