Joyner: California Wildfires Were God’s Punishment for Sin

Joyner: California Wildfires Were God’s Punishment for Sin January 15, 2019

Christian con man Rick Joyner says that the wildfires that did such horrific damage to California were God’s punishment on the nation for sin. After all, why do you think the insurance companies call them “acts of God”? This is in stark contrast to the explanations offered by some of his fellow con artists.

“The warning that the Lord gave us through his prophets, beginning with Moses and on, [told us] that this is going to be the result of your sin,” Joyner said. “If you turn from following the Lord and you start calling good evil and evil good, and honoring the dishonorable and dishonoring the honorable, these are going to be the consequences. ”

“It talks about storms, it talks about earthquakes, and it talks about fires coming upon the land and burning the land,” he continued. “I think the only one that has discernment on why this is happening seem to be the insurance companies. They’re the only ones who call it—these are acts of God.”

But wait. Kat Kerr and other Christian right crackpots say that they were caused by demons and that’s why she had to send her “special ops angels” to battle the forces of evil and turn back the fires (which didn’t work, of course). And Donald Trump, the man Joyner says is anointed by God to lead the country and the world, says they were caused by not enough raking of the forest floors. Surely a man anointed by God to lead the country would spread the message that the wildfires were caused by sin and God was punishing us, and call for us to repent and turn from our wicked ways. After all, that’s what all those Biblical leaders Joyner is referring to did, right?

I wish they’d make up their minds about this stuff and gives us a straight answer. Because, silly me, I think they were just plain old natural disasters.

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