King: Many Conservatives Have Privately Expressed Support

King: Many Conservatives Have Privately Expressed Support January 17, 2019

The House voted overwhelmingly to condemn white supremacy and Rep. Steve King, but he says that privately a lot of conservatives have expressed their support for him and his views. I don’t doubt this for a moment. In an interview with Ed Martin, heir to Phyllis Schlafly’s throne of stupidity, he said:

King said a “respectable number” of conservatives had come up to him one-on-one to express their affection and respect, but that he hasn’t yet had a conversation with the Freedom Caucus. He also said he’s getting “a lot of support from the district.” King said he also expects the “heat” to die down now that the House had passed its resolution. Of calls for him to resign, he said, “that’s not gonna happen.”

Look no further than Brit Hume of Fox News, who says “the adjective racist is hurled around with abandon” and that nothing King said was racist:

And that The New York Times piece was completely bogus. I mean, those comments, look I don’t agree with them and I’m no fan of Steve King. But, I am sorry, they did not amount to racism.

Oh for crying out loud. If Steve King is not a racist, we might as well retire that word entirely. If it doesn’t apply to him, it doesn’t apply to anyone.

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