New OK Governor Promises to Use Position to Push Christianity

New OK Governor Promises to Use Position to Push Christianity January 17, 2019

Oklahoma just got rid of probably the second worst governor in America (LePage in Maine is hard to top) and the new governor is a giant step sideways. At a prayer rally during his inauguration, he promised to use his position to push Christianity and make sure his state’s policies will “join in with what God is doing in Oklahoma.”

“Every time I would go to prayer and I would say, ‘Lord, what do you want me to do?’ I just felt like he kept saying, ‘I already told you what to do,’” Stitt told the congregation as he recounted his decision to run for governor. “So finally I surrendered … It’s just amazing, nothing in the natural says that I’m supposed to be right here … I’m just so honored to be your governor and I just want to encourage you, when God puts anything on your hearts or on your children’s hearts, we can do anything we put our minds to.”

“I am so excited,” he continued. “It’s not about me. This is something, I pray and I tell our team when we get together, we have an opportunity to join in with what God is doing in Oklahoma … We’re going to engage the non-profits and the churches to really heal and solve some of these social issues, county by county, that the government can’t do, no law can do, but our Heavenly Father can do.”

First Lady Sarah Stitt then spoke and said that they arranged for this prayer service to take place following the inauguration “because we wanted Oklahoma to see that this was our hearts.”

“We are God’s kingdom here on earth,” she said. “It is our call to go our into our state and save people and bring people to him and help with all of these issues. Government alone cannot fix this.”

No, it’s your call to govern the state, not to use your position to proselytize people and convert them to your religion. In fact, the latter is forbidden by the Constitution, as it should be. Just another person who thinks this is a theocracy, not a secular country.

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