‘Prophet’: Pete Rose Will Go in the Hall of Fame as Sign of Jesus’ Return

‘Prophet’: Pete Rose Will Go in the Hall of Fame as Sign of Jesus’ Return January 17, 2019

Charlie Shamp, yet another self-declared “prophet,” went on Jim Bakker’s TV show and told a ridiculous story about God giving him a vision that Pete Rose was going to be forgiven and put into the Baseball Hall of Fame and that this would be a sign that Jesus’ return was imminent. I’ll take bizarrely random connections for $1000, Alex.

Shamp claimed that he was “taken in the spirit” and brought to a stadium which began to shake, where he was told by God that such an event will take place at some point in the future and that it will be a sign of revival. Shamp said that God then took him back to Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California, when it was hit by an earthquake during the World Series in 1989, which was also the year in which the gambling scandal involving Rose was revealed, which eventually resulted in Rose being banned from baseball and deemed permanently ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

Shamp then claimed that God took him to another stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he “saw a man standing in red.” (Rose played for, and was manager of, the Cincinnati Reds for a large part of his career.)

“I said, ‘Who is this Lord?’” Shamp recounted. “He said, ‘This is Peter to me.’ He said, ‘This man was a past time hero of America,’ and I said, ‘Who is it, Lord?’ And he said, ‘Pete Rose.’ He said, ‘1989, there was a massive scandal that took place with Pete Rose.’ He said, ‘And even to this day, he has not been allowed to enter into the Hall of Fame.’ But he said as a prophetic sign, he said that the Lord will redeem him and allow him to be forgiven and enter into the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

“It will be a sign,” Shamp proclaimed, “that those that have been away from the Lord, that were playing in the game, they were on the field but they were taken out through scandal, the Lord said that, ‘It will be a sign that I’m returning.’”

Yeah, well, I had a “prophecy” too, that Mahershala Ali was going to win an Academy Award and this would be a sign that Jesus is never coming back. Evidence? Oh, I had a dream about it. That’s how it works, right? My evidence is not only personal and anecdotal, it happened while I was asleep. Voila, I’m a prophet now and you must all worship me. Oh, and send me money.

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