Trump’s Seeming Obsession with Taped Up Women

Trump’s Seeming Obsession with Taped Up Women January 18, 2019

At least eight times in the course of 12 days, Trump made graphic and lurid references to human traffickers tying women up and putting tape over their mouths to support a border wall, but experts tell the Washington Post that they have no idea where this story comes from or what he’s talking about.

In Trump’s telling, the adhesive is sometimes blue tape. Other times it is electrical tape or duct tape.

In some instances, the descriptions are more salacious and graphic. “Human trafficking — grabbing women, in particular — and children, but women — taping them up, wrapping tape around their mouths so they can’t shout or scream, tying up their hands behind their back and even their legs and putting them in a back seat of a car or a van — three, four, five, six, seven at a time,” the president said in the Cabinet Room on Jan. 11. (A timeline of the president’s taped-women remarks appears below.)

With an eerie specificity, Trump has characterized these acts as commonplace.

Yet human-trafficking experts and advocates for immigrant women have said they are perplexed by this increasingly repeated story in Trump’s repertoire — and are at a loss for where he got his information. It was not from them, they say; in fact, they have no idea what he is talking about.

“I think his statements are completely divorced from reality,” said Ashley Huebner, associate director of legal services at the National Immigrant Justice Center. “That’s not a fact pattern that we see.”

But it’s pretty standard in Trumpworld. He hears a story from someone — it doesn’t really matter who — and repeats it without ever bothering to find out if it’s true. It becomes the core of his argument, repeated over and over again as a virtual article of faith. And every time he tells it, he embellishes it more and more as he ad libs in front of the audience. Or in this case, perhaps the Freudian revelation of some kind of weird sexual fetish?

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