Things Trump Says…Things Trump Does

Things Trump Says…Things Trump Does January 19, 2019

I won’t have time to golf if elected, I’ll be too busy working.
Spends more time golfing than any president in history.

I won’t be able to take vacations, there’s too much to do.
Spends more time at his resorts than in the White House.

I only hire the very best people.
Has more people fired, quit or indicted in his first two years than any other administration.

I’ll pay off the debt in 8 years and it’ll be easy.
Increases debt by $2 trillion in first two years.

It’s wrong to let China and Mexico steal our jobs by putting American factories there.
Has all his products made in China and Mexico.

Immigrants come here and take jobs from Americans.
Applies for dozens of H1-B visas for his resorts.

I couldn’t care less if people know what I said to Putin in our meetings.
Refuses to allow the interpreters to make their notes available even to his closest aides.

I’m gonna build a wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it.
Shuts down government unless taxpayers pay for it.
A president under FBI investigation proves that they’re corrupt.
The FBI investigation of me proves the FBI is corrupt.

We must say Merry Christmas again!
Uses “Happy Holidays” in all his corporate messaging.

Feel free to add your own.

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