Wiles: Russia Investigation Is About England Taking Back the United States

Wiles: Russia Investigation Is About England Taking Back the United States January 24, 2019

We haven’t heard from the deranged crackpot Rick Wiles in a while, so what inanities has he been blathering about? How about this: He says the whole point of the Russia investigation is for England to reverse the Revolutionary War and take the United States back as a British colony. Seriously.

“This may be entirely a U.K. intelligence-driven operation against Donald Trump,” Wiles said. “Why would Great Britain, why would the monarchy, why would the establishment of Great Britain want to destabilize the Trump administration? This is what it appears to be, because all of the tentacles of his Russia-gate story, it all goes back to Great Britain.”

“This country has been deliberately weakened over the last 70 years,” he continued. “Really since the 60s. Culturally, the invasion started in the 60s with British rock music coming into this country. Did we forget about that? The rebellion? The spirit of rebellions, drugs, it came from Great Britain.”

“The monarchy continues to see America as the wayward child,” Wiles asserted. “They’ve never officially recognized the American Revolution. There has always been a desire to pull America back into the fold of the British Empire … If they could bring the United States back in to being part of Great Britain, the British Empire, they would feel like they have accomplished a centuries-old plan.”

And the Beatles and the Stones are in on it too! Those fiendish Brits! But Wiles has no sympathy for the devil, he’s calling him out for his shenanigans. Go get em, Rick!

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