Trump Endorses Bible Courses in Public Schools

Trump Endorses Bible Courses in Public Schools January 29, 2019

Donald Trump, always eager to pander to the know-nothings of the Christian right despite not caring one little bit about religion or Christianity, tweeted that he supports Bible “literacy” courses in schools. And of course, his argument is both dishonest and hypocritical.

Since when did students not have the option of studying the Bible? If someone proposed a Quran literacy class, do you suppose Trump would be in favor of such an “option”? This is why we have churches and mosques. Let them study their holy books there. Public schools is not the place for it. And of course, I’d love to give Trump a Bible literacy quiz. The man who absurdly cites “two Corinthians” (not the kind that walk into a bar) knows less about the Bible than the average 6-year old in a Sunday School class. He could not possibly care any less about it. And those Christian righters who have convinced themselves that he’s really one of them are hopelessly naive.

If Trump wants to know something about the Bible, perhaps he should start with the dozens of verses that command people to treat immigrants as they would their own family.

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