Wingnuts: Obama Sending Coded Messages to Pedophiles

Wingnuts: Obama Sending Coded Messages to Pedophiles February 4, 2019

Former President Barack Obama recently gave a speech in which he called for “new blood” in politics. Wingnuts Chris McDonald and Mark Taylor (the “firefighter prophet” con man) used their secret decoder ring to figure out that Obama was really calling for more pedophiles in office. Really.

Earlier this year, Obama warned that “people cling to power instead of seeing the power in other people” and asserted that this country has “a deficit of leadership and we need new blood.” McDonald and Taylor claimed that Obama’s comments were actually a secret message that a purported network of elite satanic pedophiles who supposedly control the world are “losing their influence,” thanks to President Trump.

“On the surface, it don’t sound sinister, but I tell you, you start looking at this in light of the pedophiles and this whole globalist elite network of people in the higher level of government, which I do believe reached Barack Obama,” McDonald said. “The ‘new blood’ comment is pedophilia talk because the blood supply is drying up because of what President Trump is doing, taking their networks down and basically going after the rings of sex trafficking and the kids and protecting the children from the harlots and these people that are basically harvesting their organs and God knows what else and literally destroying a generation of children.”

Taylor agreed, of course. There simply is limit to their madness. None. There is no claim to stupid that they won’t make it, and no claim to stupid that their followers won’t believe. And these people vote. We’re doomed.

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