Crokin: If Q Anon Arrests Don’t Happen Soon, It Will Lead to Vigilante Justice

Crokin: If Q Anon Arrests Don’t Happen Soon, It Will Lead to Vigilante Justice February 5, 2019

Liz Crokin, who recently said that she is beginning to lose faith in the Q Anon nonsense that she is one of the most prominent advocates of, told a wingnut radio host that if the mass arrests of those alleged satanic pedophiles like Clinton and Obama don’t happen soon, people will resort to vigilante justice.

Appearing recently on “The SGT Report,” Crokin all but begged Q to produce just one arrest “so that we know we’re moving in the right direction,” warning that if arrests don’t start to happen soon, QAnon followers might resort to vigilante justice.

“[The arrests] need to happen this year,” she said. “If they don’t happen before 2020, President Trump is going to lose support. He promised that he would take Hillary Clinton down. He said that he would assign a special prosecutor to investigate her crimes. We haven’t forgotten. We want to see justice for real criminals. We know these people are torturing children, they’re raping kids, they’re ripping their body parts apart, they’re selling the organs on the black market. They are doing to most horrific crimes against humanity on children and it’s unacceptable and President Trump needs to make sure that his DOJ goes after the real criminals.”

“They need to do it before 2020 because I believe if he doesn’t, then he’s going to lose support and people are just going to get fed up and, honestly, people are going to start taking to the streets,” Crokin warned. “I’m ready now to physically go to John Podesta’s house and drag him out of his house.”

Yes, people would certainly resort to violence in this situation, and if they do she has only herself to blame. After all, if you continually tell people that Hillary Clinton, for instance, actually eats the flesh of children — seriously, she claims there’s a video of her eating a child’s face — you can’t be surprised when those people want to stop her from doing so by any means necessary. If you’re going to spread these kinds of disgusting lies, it can only lead to such results, just like Trump calling the media the “enemy of the people” has led to his supporters threatening to kill journalists.

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