New EPA ‘Scientist’ Says There’s No Cost to Burning Fossil Fuels, Only Benefits

New EPA ‘Scientist’ Says There’s No Cost to Burning Fossil Fuels, Only Benefits February 6, 2019

The gutting of the EPA by Trump continues with the appointment of a new member of the agency’s Science Advisory Board who claims there are no costs at all to burning fossil fuels, only benefits. It will allow us to grow more food, he argues, and there should be no limits on carbon emissions at all.


“There’s a benefit, not a cost, to producing energy from carbon,” John Christy, an atmospheric science professor at the University of Alabama in Hunstville, told E&E (Energy and Environment) News.

He didn’t elaborate, but he once told The Guardian: “Carbon dioxide makes things grow. Plants love this stuff. It creates more food. There is absolutely no question that carbon energy provides… longer and better lives.”

Christy also believes that regulations limiting greenhouse gases should be eliminated because he does not believe human activity is linked to global warming — which he is convinced is modest at best in any case.

No cost to producing energy from carbon? None? How about the massive and dangerous pollution from extracting coal, oil and natural gas from the earth’s crust? Or the massive and dangerous pollution from storing coal ash, which has caused enormous damage to rivers and lakes? Or the massive and dangerous pollution of the air from particulate matter as a result of burning those carbon-based fuel sources? This is utter madness. That man shouldn’t be trusted to run a Tilt-a-Whirl, much less advise the EPA on science.

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