Time For Your Annual Super Bowl Halftime Show Crackpottery

Time For Your Annual Super Bowl Halftime Show Crackpottery February 8, 2019

I didn’t watch the halftime show of this year’s Super Bowl because it was Maroon 5 performing and they suck, but I do enjoy the annual explosion of WTFism that attends the show. Every year, the show is “revealed” as a Satanic ritual that is only obvious to people with the Secret Wingnut Decoder Ring (free with every video you buy from Ray Comfort). Cory Daniel does not disappoint:

“There was a lot of symbolism there,” Daniel said. “It was truly foundational higher magic going on.”

After claiming that the swirling Pepsi logo that opened the performance was “sorcery,” Daniel asserted that the stage was in the shape of a letter “M” because it represented both Moloch and the Masons, which is also why the field was filled with children who stood in front of a stage as it was bathed in “a blood red” light, like an altar on fire.

“We know Super Bowl halftime [shows] are all rituals, but I see an altar,” Daniel asserted. “The M is an altar … and it looked to me like it was Moloch, offering your children to Moloch.”

Or…the M stands for the name of the band. Obvious, I know, but accurate. These people never fail to entertain.

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