Child Molestation: Not Just a Catholic Church Problem

Child Molestation: Not Just a Catholic Church Problem February 12, 2019

An investigation by a Texas newspaper has revealed hundreds and hundreds of victims of child sexual abuse by leaders in the Southern Baptist Church. This is something one of Billy Graham’s grandsons has been trying to call attention to for years and it’s a good thing that it has been made public.

The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News reported that nearly 400 Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers have faced sexual misconduct allegations in the past two decades. As many as 700 victims — some as young as 3 — were sexually abused, some raped and molested repeatedly, according to the report.

But instead of ensuring that sexual predators were kept at bay, the Southern Baptist Convention resisted policy changes, the newspapers found. Victims accused church leaders of mishandling their complaints, even hiding them from the public. While the majority of abusers have been convicted of sex crimes and are registered sex offenders, the investigation found that at least three dozen pastors, employees and volunteers who showed predatory behavior still worked at churches…

“We must admit that our failures, as churches, put these survivors in a position where they were forced to stand alone and speak, when we should have been fighting for them,” J.D. Greear, who was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention last summer, said on Twitter. “Their courage is exemplary and prophetic. But I grieve that their courage was necessary.”

So we have the Catholic Church, the largest religious denomination in the country, and the Southern Baptists, the second largest religious denomination in the country, both with the same problem.

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