Trump’s Baffling Praise of Kim Jong-Un

Trump’s Baffling Praise of Kim Jong-Un February 12, 2019

In many statements and public appearances, Trump has decried democratic socialism and said that if the Democrats implemented their economic policies, it would turn America into Venezuela. And yet here he was on Twitter saying that the last communist dictatorship on the planet would become an “economic powerhouse.”

Oh do tell, Donald. Please explain to us how this brutal communist dictator who keeps his people in constant deprivation and uses food as a tool of social control is going to turn North Korea, a country with few natural resources, into an economic powerhouse. Does he somehow think that if he can get Kim to denuclearize North Korea — which isn’t going to happen, period — he will suddenly and inexplicably become a benevolent capitalist? Because in every other context, Trump says you have to be not only a capitalist but a laissez-faire libertarian version of one in order to have economic growth.

And this notion that he’s gotten to know Kim is absurd. He met with him for a few hours. That’s it. It’s like there’s no brain activity going on at all, he just blurts out whatever pops into his empty head, whether it make any sense at all and whether it’s consistent with everything else he’s said. I’ve got news for you, Donald — there is not going to be a Trump Tower Pyongyang.

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