Maybe Public Schools Should Vet Their Teachers Better

Maybe Public Schools Should Vet Their Teachers Better February 14, 2019

A substitute teacher in North Carolina decided to ad lib a history lesson and he told the students that Martin Luther King killed himself. What makes it even more bizarre is that this was a music class, where even addressing the subject is irrelevant, but especially when you’re going to lie to students.

Byrd told ABC11 that the substitute was supposed to show the music class a video, but had difficulty getting students, including his son, to calm down. So instead, Byrd said, she went on say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination was a “complete fabrication.”…

Byrd also claimed the substitute gave students an “ultra-conservative” ideology of the Bible.

In addition, she allegedly included President Donald Trump in her rant, Byrd said: “‘If you don’t go off the theology that you perceive Donald Trump to be as a Christian, that you’re some way hell bound or wrong.'”

He also told a kid that wearing workout clothes to school looks like “prison attire” and that’s where he would end up if he doesn’t dress better. He should never be in a classroom again.

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