Wallnau: God Says Trump Will Win Second Term to ‘Exorcise’ America

Wallnau: God Says Trump Will Win Second Term to ‘Exorcise’ America February 14, 2019

Lance Wallnau joined some of his fellow crackpots on a call in which Wallnau said that God had told an unnamed White House Communications official (Sarah Huckabee Sanders?) that Trump would win a second term in the White House. Another said it will take that long to “exorcise” the demons out of the country.

“I was talking to a White House communications director who was a dear friend of mine,” Wallnau stated, “and she said to me that before she went to work at the White House, she had a dream. And she had a dream that there were going to be years of plenty before there was going to be years of challenge and that she came into Trump’s administration with the belief that we’re going to have two terms for this president because the Lord showed it to her.”

“The Lord is letting the enemy fully manifest so the American people can mobilize appropriately to take charge of the future that God has for them,” he added. “What’s happening is brilliant. The Lord is allowing the enemy to produce a manifestation of what he is to produce a crisis of decision so that we can choose life and not death. And in the boundaries of God’s time for America, I believe that Donald Trump will be put back in office because the left, like the devil, is overextending it’s hand.”

“It’s just like when you cast a demon out of a person, which I’ve done many times, they manifest and they manifest many times by screaming and yelling,” replied right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack. “I think we are seeing an exorcism in the United States. Praise God.”

For many on the Christian right, they might as well change the name of their religion to the First Church of Trump Triumphant. It’s reached a level of worship that it’s quite mind-blowing. They actually believe that Trump is one of them when he is, in fact, the least religious president we’ve had in a very long time. They are so easily manipulated and controlled.

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