Bernstein: Democrats are Terrorists, Should Be Banned

Bernstein: Democrats are Terrorists, Should Be Banned February 16, 2019

Josh Bernstein, one of the most extreme voices on the far right, says that the Democratic Party is a terrorist organization just like ISIS or Al Qaeda and they should be dissolved as a party and banished forever. Because that’s a totally rational position to take.

“They are Islamic compliant,” he said. “They are Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist, if you will, in their ideology. They support terrorism. They are anti-Israel. They support open borders, which means that they’re fine with having Americans be killed by illegal aliens. They are for taxing you to death. They are for controlling every aspect of your life.”

“I think, at this point, based on their platform, based on their advanced leftist ideology, that the Democratic Party should be dissolved, they should be banned from all elections,” Bernstein continued. “They’re pro-death. They’re demonic … and to be quite frank, they should be labeled as a terrorist organization, just like ISIS, just like al Qaeda, just like Hamas, just like Hezbollah, just like Antifa, just like white supremacist groups.”

“They are a terrorist organization right now and they are literally terrorizing this country,” he added. “They are killing infants. They are murdering people and getting away with it legally, they’re passing more and more laws to do this. These people are evil.”

Ann Coulter to the very white courtesy phone. You have a challenger.

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