Wallnau Runs Valentine’s Day Special on Exorcising Demons

Wallnau Runs Valentine’s Day Special on Exorcising Demons February 17, 2019

Lance Wallau, one of Trump’s most deranged sycophants, ran a special for Valentine’s Day, giving 40% off on a set of his CDs that will teach you how to “break controlling spirits” — presumably in your significant other. Because nothing says love like pulling the demons out of your sweetheart, amirite?

The sales pitch for the CDs:

There is a war being fought in the unseen realm between forces of good and evil, and the battlefield is your mind.

Demonic activity is increasing at an alarming rate as we draw closer to the last days. You will not be able to ignore it and hope to avoid the consequences. Spiritual warfare is not optional. What must you do to prepare and guarantee victory over the enemy?

Honey, I love you so much I’m gonna go to spiritual war with the demons possessing you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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