Hannity Wants Barr to Investigate Anyone Who Opposes Trump

Hannity Wants Barr to Investigate Anyone Who Opposes Trump February 18, 2019

Sean Hannity is so cluelessly un-self aware that he almost becomes self-parody, blissfully missing out on the irony he creates with his contradictory positions. A perfect example is his demand that newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr investigate everyone on Trump’s enemies list.

On Thursday night, just hours after the Senate confirmed Barr, Hannity crowed, “My sources telling me tonight things are happening as we speak.” The Fox host went on to detail numerous purported crimes he said had been committed by 10 “deep state actors,” including former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“Over the next year with a brand new attorney general, William Barr, this country — we’ve got to decide,” Hannity concluded. “You want to save the United States? You want to be a constitutional republic? You want equal justice under the law? Do you want a dual justice system, or do you want America to be handed off to your kids and grandkids as a banana republic?”…

Over the past month, Hannity and his cronies have maintained a constant drumbeat of calls for Barr to probe these officials. His is not the only program generating such demands; on Thursday night, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs urged Barr to investigate Chief Justice John Roberts because of his purported role in the surveillance of a Trump campaign aide.

The irony here is that what Hannity wants is precisely what happens in banana republics, the strongman in charge initiates investigations into his political enemies and creates star chamber proceedings to ensure that they are found guilty. For crying out loud, they’re still calling for investigations into Benghazi and Hillary’s emails, both of which have been investigated to death with no real wrongdoing found. They’re just trying to distract attention from Trump’s very real actions, which have been illegal from the moment he reached adulthood.

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