Bryan Fischer Doesn’t Understand the First Amendment

Bryan Fischer Doesn’t Understand the First Amendment February 19, 2019

I’ve pointed out many times how Bryan Fischer routinely contradicts himself on the scope of the First Amendment. When it involves any Establishment Clause issue, he says that it restricts Congress and only Congress, not other parts of the federal government or the states. When it involves a free exercise issue, he says that it restricts everyone. And he’s doing it again.

In writing about the Supreme Court’s hypocritical and repulsive ruling denying a Muslim inmate the right to have his imam present at his execution, Fischer writes:

The first word in the First Amendment is “Congress.” “Congress shall make no law…” Since Congress is the only branch of government that has the constitutional authority to make legislation (the executive branch enforces the law, and the judicial branch applies the law to disputes before it) the ban on Congress is effectively a ban on the entire federal government.

So the First Amendment of the Founders’ Constitution restrains Congress and Congress alone…

Now the “whole power” over religion means the “whole power,” every bit of it. Not a bit of it was left to the federal government. So properly speaking, what happens inside an Alabama prison is no business of the federal judiciary at all. It’s a matter for Alabama judges and Alabama lawmakers alone to set the parameters for religious exercise.

And yet just a few weeks ago, when the Supreme Court decided not to step in and reverse a decision on a football coach who was praying with his players after games, Fischer was demanding that the federal courts overturn the local school’s decision to fire that coach because he refused to stop. He’s done the same thing in a dozen other cases, at least. And his followers just nod and applaud, as oblivious to the obvious contradiction as he is.

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